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Random Questions About Fic
Topic Started: Jan 20 2016, 11:18 AM (773 Views)
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Okay...this occurred to me as I was desperate for new fic and came across that Jaime/Cersei/Sansa threesome stuff.

Now, Sansa hates Cersei. Cersei loathes Sansa. Jaime sees Sansa as only an oath to fulfill to salvage his honor. It doesn't make sense that the three of them would enter into a bangfest. Also, she's thirteen, but you can age her up.

There is only one person in ASoIaF that held interest for both Jaime and Cersei. She wanted to marry him and he served the man. You guessed it, Rhaegar!

Why aren't there any threesome fics with Jaime/Cersei/Rhaegar? That's the threesome that makes sense.

(The hiatus is long and full of boredom.)
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